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Robinson-r22 HelicopterR.J. Waldron & Co. Ltd. was formed to provide engineering services in the areas of failure analysis, accident reconstruction and accident investigation. The company’s activities initially concentrated on the investigation of aircraft accidents, incidents, system failures and component failures, but has since expanded to provide a broad range of failure analysis services to a diverse range of clientele.

Since 1975, the company has investigated approximately 3000 aircraft accidents, incidents and component failures. The nature and level of activity in any one investigation varies considerably and ranges from on-site investigation to the failure analysis of a single component.

More recently, general insurance claims and product liability issues involving; water escapes, construction defects, building code violations, material analyses, appliance failures, fires, explosions, product defects, and bicycle failures have also been regularly investigated.

Failure of any component, machine or process is driven by the fundamental engineering mechanisms which dictate their operation, and as a result it is not uncommon to be able to investigate across a broad spectrum of fields and applications, as long as the fundamentals are understood.

The majority of the accidents and incidents investigated by the people at RJ Waldron have taken place within North America, however several investigations have been conducted on other continents.